Friday, 29 April 2011

Dragon Pokemon

Charizard-- A fire type dragon. Mighty like: Ignitus(from Spyro)
 Gyarados-- A water type dragon. Aggresive like: Water Dragon (from Yugioh)
Dragonite-- A Dragon that can control lots of elements.(water,fire,earth,air) kinda like: Spyro
Dragonair-- A snake like dragon. Very calm like: Dark Dragon from

The Dragon's Breath
This video has so many interesting pics of dragons.
It will calm your mind and body.
The music has a very nice soothing tune.

Dragon fanatic?

Go to
for dragon images,dragon information and articles!
Cool dragon figurines for sale at an affordable price.
It has interesting dragon legends, stories and dragon history.
The dragon posters and images look wonderful!
This is a website where you can learn so much about dragons!
So remember, go to Draconika for info,pics and posters about Dragons!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

DragonAdopters and Dragoncave

Dragonadopters--- A website where you raise dragons. There are many different dragon species: Western,
Wyvern,Eastern,Furdragon,Felidragon,Pterodragon,Dark dragon, lizardus, Dino
There are also many elements you can choose from: earth,water,fire,air, gold,silver. (gold & silver can only be chosen if you have 20,000 rank points and you need to buy the gold/ silver powder. gold-100,000 resources silver- 50,000 resources  . buy it in the unique items.
There are 6 stages : egg,hatchling,child,teenager,adult,ancient
Dragonadopters also has many cool contests!
tip: visit others accounts so that they visit you too. be friends with them.
Dragoncave--- You also raise dragons in dragoncave.There are so many different dragon species. You can breed dragons.You need views and clicks to make your dragons grow.
tip: go to this site: Neglected Dragon Daycare | The Allure of Neglected Dragons - A Dragon Cave Hatchery
type your scroll name and check or uncheck the dragons you want to add and the ones you want to remove.(website that takes care of dragons) when your dragons turn into adults, they will be removed automatically.


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